Monday, May 29, 2006

New Regulation in China No Effect on Baidu

Bloomberg published an article quoted Mr. Yu from Analysys with following statement:

"Baidu will be under a lot of pressure to stop offering links to illegal MP3 files and may have to stop their MP3 search service,'' said Edward Yu, chief executive officer of Beijing- based research company Analysys International.

The new regulations could cut the number of Baidu's users, affecting the company's ability to sell advertising, Yu said.

However, it is biased view. From the original published regulation:

Copyright owners could send those breaching copyright a written notice and ask Internet providers to delete their works or links to their works, the regulations said.

Internet providers should delete the content and links upon receiving the written notice from the copyright holders.

The new regulation has put no burden on Baidu at all. Baidu has in fact put up a statement almost exactly like the one in the regulation on their MP3 website about 6 months ago.


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