Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baidu Team Up With Beida

5/24/06 Baidu has teamed up with Beida(Peking University, also called Beijing University) Library on indexing and digitizing books

Chinese search engine Baidu has signed agreement with Beida Library. The agreement will extend Baidu's internet search service to book search. Under the agreement, Beida Library has granted Baidu exclusive right on indexing all of Beida Library's books. Baidu will also help Beida Library's effort to digitize all the books.

Beida Library is the oldest national libray in China and was established in 1902. The library holds 6.5 million books and is the largest school library in Asia. The library also holds many precious historical books.

Baidu's reach of huge internet audiences will help Beida Library to extends it's user base nationwide, according to library officials.

Baidu has already had a close relationship with Beida. CEO Robin Li was a graduate of Beida and CTO J Liu held a teaching position in Beida before joining Baidu.

Beida and Qinghua are the top ranked Univeristies in China.

Beida was also ranked in 2005 as the top university in Asia by Times from Britain.


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