Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baidu plans brand advertising in it's community properties

August 9, Baidu's vice president of commercial operations, Shen Hao-yu said that in the future Baidu will continue to increase brand advertising marketing, and will incorporate brand advertising in Baidu's community service products .

In today's Baidu World Forum, vice president of operations of Baidu Shen Yu-hao, released Baidu's latest marketing strategy. Baidu will continue to strengthen brand advertising which has seen rapid growth recently. Baidu will incorporate brand advertising into more of it's search products .

Shen Hao Yu revealed Baidu's directional marketing plans for industries. It will divide the community products into different channels. Then it will combine all the community products together around a specific common interest to serve as a common platform for brand advertising. In one example, Shen said "Baidu can search a topic such as car or travel among all the community products, including,, and The brand advertising can then be embedded side by side with the results, just like what we currently doing with brand advertising."

A Baidu person said that while both the brand and keyword advertising have increased, but the brand advertising has been growing faster in absolute terms. Brand advertising will be in even greater proportion of revenue in the future.

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