Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baidu Promotes "Precision Marketing System"

At last year's first Baidu World Forum, Baidu started testing the "Precision Marketing" advertising tools. reported from this year's Baidu World, Baidu has perfected the tool and formally announced the "Precision Marketing System".

After more than a year of testing and feedback, combining the development of a new cutting-edge advertising technology and management tools, Baidu has created the marketing system focusing on "precision targeting". Reporter found out today at the Baidu World Forum 2007. In the future, Baidu customers can use the three "powerful marketing tools" of the system including wider coverage, more precise targeting , and more comprehensive services and management.

In July 2006, the first Baidu world, Baidu launched precision advertising services. This advanced technology relies on Baidu's massive database of search behaviors of internet users to conduct in depth analysis. The system can then be delivered precisely by targeting the desired audiences. Since it is launched 12 months ago, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Haier, Nike, Samsung and other world famous enterprises have chosen this service.

Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li said : "Whether search or community activities, internet users are self motivated by their natural initiatives. We can find the exact consumer groups through data collection and analysis due the interactive nature of our new media services."

"The upgrade of the service to a system provides 'three powerful weapons' of wide coverage, high-precision and multiple tools. First, in the past we could only target specific individuals. Now, we can deliver precise targeting base on industry, community and behaviors. More importantly, behind the precision system, not only we have the database of search behaviors, but also research data on community behaviors. The accuracy is much higher. Besides that, before delivering the ads, data analysis of internet users, the very insightful Baidu's data reports and Baidu indicators are also organically incorporated into the system for the first time." said Shen Haoyu, vice president of operations at Baidu.

Currently the number of Internet users in China has reached 144 million, more than 90% of Internet users had used Baidu, daily production of large volumes of data has formed the country's largest Internet behavior database. Addtionally, the advantage of Baidu's leading position and Baidu's internet technology formed a solid foundation for Baidu to build the Precision Marketing System in China.


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